About Future Praxis

Hi! I’m Natalie, and this is my site, Future Praxis.

I’m a graduate student who studies human-computer interaction, UX design and research, and all things technology. Future Praxis is a place to keep track of the different projects I work on, from design, to tech, to research, to writing.

I’m equal parts tech-luddite and futurist, which is sometimes an interesting combination of things to be. I enjoy imagining the ways that technology makes our futures better, but keep a critical eye on the tectonic shifts that it brings to our culture, politics, ethics, and environment.

I chose the name “Future Praxis” because it’s become clear that our current practices, as workers, as technologists, as writers, as citizens, and as humans, were constructed for a world that never anticipated the ways in which technology would change our lives. In order to build new practices, we need to begin sketching out both our hopes and fears for the future. (And, full disclosure, “praxis” is also a nod to my background in critical theory.)

This is my attempt to start thinking about what the future might hold.